You and your pet – A dynamic unity

Our animals take a lot from us, reflecting it in their behaviour and health. Your pet is dependent on you. Therefore, I always include the owner as an essential part in the medical history. The domestic settings, important contact persons and all other environmental circumstances are of relevance for the wellbeing and health of your animal.

It is of great importance for me, to include you personally as an integral part of my therapy. My therapy will always take your personal life situation in to account to ensure, that it perfectly fits into your and your pet’s life.

You, your family and your pet – you are a team!
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My approach:
the holistic treatment

I have a holistic approach to treat your little partner. It is not only about treating the symptoms, but also about finding the genuine reasons for the symptoms and the disease. These are not necessarily only of physical nature.

Body, mind and soul

Sometimes, your pet can be stressed by something that we are not even aware of. Psychological factors must also be taken in regard, influencing our animal’s health.

In my practice I live the synergy of natural healing, animal communication and energetic healing.

As a natural health practitioner for animals, I take all the time necessary to become familiar with your pet’s holistic nature – body, mind and soul. With your personal support I will develop a detailed medical history for your beloved pet.

customer testimonials

A wonderful experience and a great help

Thanks a lot for all your support you provided for us. Thanks to your Space Clearing of our house and garden, we are all improving and getting better. Whenever there is a “lost soul” in our house, one call, and everything will be alright again.

Live is much more relaxed. Everything, that bothered me, is released. My sight on things is much clearer now. I know, that I can turn confidently towards you anytime, what makes me feel very safe. This is indescribebably beautiful and I am not able, to put this into the right words.

Thank you with all my heart.

Barbara Eichstetter

We – my cats and I – would like to thank you dearly, our reliable helper in great and small emergencies.

A big thank you especially for your latest support, when Fritzi went missing for a few days and Beppi, thank God, only one night. When both had returned back home, we were able to free them from their stress and trauma, supported by your homeopathic remedies and our conversations. Additionally, you relieved us from our stress, too – what you have done already so many times before. 

It was impressing to see, how fast the cats built confindence in you. So in the meantime, they started contacting you independently, when something is wrong. Mini also joins us for a chat, when we are on the phone with you. 

Thank you so much and all the best for you!


Dear Vera, thank you so much for all your support!

As you know, we are living in an energetically very burdened environment. Thanks to your space clearing of house and garden, we are all improving and getting much better. If there will ever be again a „lost soul“in our house, you will just be a phone call away and everything will be fine again. And a relaxed live becomes possible again.

Thanks to your healing sessions, I have also been able to develop personally in a huge way. Everything, that had burdened me, is gone. I have a cleared sight on things and I notice, if things are good for me or if there is strange energy „clinging to me“. I know, that I can turn trustfully to you at any time. This is giving me a great feeling of safety. This is indescribably wonderful. It is hard, to find the right words for this. Thank you from all of my heart


Theta Healing: a healing method, everyone should get to know

Here an example, why it is worth, to experience such a healing session. I am a veterinarian. Every day I am in contact with a lot of suffering and illness, but also with beautiful things. Again and again, I have to say, that there a limits to the classical medicine. Most of them are located on a psychological level, emotionality and soul, which cannot be reached with conventional medicine, focused on symptoms. 

After my first healing session, I have been impressed and fascinated. It is incredible exciting, what you are able to get to know about yourself. At this point of my life, I had been between jobs and my thoughts circled endlessly. Everything felt somehow hopeless. In one session, Mrs. Engl told me, that several doors would open up for me and in the end, I would be able to decide, which course I would like to take. A short time later, the unthinkable happened and three jobs were offered to me. 

Experience yourself, how pleasant and exciting working with Mrs. Engl is.

Dr. Nicole Babuchadia

My experience was just wonderful

According to the law of attraction, I was allowed to become familiar with Vera Engl. We had very interesting conversations about energetic healing arts and their possibilities, helping people in a very subtle and different way in their individual transformation. 

Mrs. Engl has extensive experience in ThetaHealing, which addresses exactly these parts of human existence and healing, on highest level. 

My experience was just wonderful. She was able to help me in my current conflict situations and questions and also subsequently, working with her on your own personality, is phantastic. She is extremely sensitive, loving and touching and in everything also very clear and honest in addressing everything. The room is flooded with light and lightness during the healing session. I wish every conscious person such an experience.

Dr. Michaela Ludwig

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